Judith’s "Oregon Birdie Girl"

I feel so lucky that I have the chance to quilt for such talented clients.  This project was brought to me by one such super talented quilt artist, Judith Quinn Garnett.  She took a workshop from Ann Shaw and created this beauty.  I’m so impressed, because I also took one of Ann’s workshops – but my project is still “in progress” several months later.  Where I struggle with choosing the right fabrics, Judith excelled with her own version.  I was so happy when she asked me to quilt this for her!

Judith is an awesome artist, and she has a good idea of how she wants her work to look when it’s all done.  To arrive at this end with this project, she brought me some sketches of how she might execute the quilting.  She also encourages me to put my personal spin on her ideas, however.  It’s another way that collaboration results in some truly beautiful finished projects.  This birdie girl was so vibrantly colored, that we chose to use Glide thread, a trilobal polyester which has a brilliant sheen and has the look of Rayon.  I chose to use a grey Magna-Glide-Classic bobbin, so that I could change my top thread color without worrying about having to readjust the tension throughout the project. I’ve recently started using these prewound bobbins because I’ve found that they give great uniform tension and beautiful stitch quality.

See how beautiful the stitches look on the back as well as the front!  Yet again, I find myself wondering whether I like the colorful beauty of the front or the amazing texture of the back better.  No need to choose sides, however – because you get both with this awesome quilt!

Here’s a great picture of Judith, the maker.  She’s so much fun to work with.  I am always happy when she contacts me about a project.

You can also see what a great artist she is when you see her quilt label.  I’ve tried my hand at handwriting my labels, but they don’t end up looking this great when they are done – every detail is just perfect on this quilt.  And with this inspiration, perhaps I’ll finish piecing my own Ann Shaw pattern so I can have my own version to enjoy!

*All of the great photos used in this post were taken by Judith’s son, Sam.

2 thoughts on “Judith’s "Oregon Birdie Girl"

  1. Judith Garnett says:

    OMG Coleen, I am blushing, you make look like some kind of expert quilter, holy crap. I sure don't feel that way. The fact is that I can't do what you do with that longarm machine. So, we just better keep working and collaborating together. – Judith


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