Quilt #4

This is my fourth quilt on my longarm.  I haven’t thought of a name yet, so it’s just going by #4.  I figured by numbering them as I do them, I will have a benchmark for my improvement.  One of my goals was to have a lot of good texture.

 Since the Quilt had an open space in the middle, I got some practice doing a center design.

I really like the way that the outside border feathering turned out.

Here is a view from the back.

It’s a small quilt measuring in at 34″ X 34″.  It would work as a baby quilt, or as a table topper.  I’m trying to decide which fabric(s) to use as a binding.

Charity Quilts for November

In my spare time this month, I’ve completed three charity quilts.  This gives me the opportunity to try some new things while making something beautiful to give to people in need.  One of these quilts will go to a local hospice, one to an organization the helps youth in crisis, and the final one to a worthy charity as yet to be determined.


Welcome to The Quilted Thistle

Longarm Quilting by Coleen Barnhardt

I am so excited to announce that I am starting a new business called The Quilted Thistle.  Upon returning to quilting this past year, I quickly discovered a passion for longarm quilting.  I’ve always thought that a good quilting design can really enhance an already beautifully pieced quilt and set it apart as something truly special. Upon sharing this passion and my new skills with a longarm, I received a lot of encouragement to turn this into a business so that I could offer my services to others.  I also decided to start this blog, as a way to showcase my work and provide information about my services and quilting related topics.  Welcome!