• Coleen brings over 2 decades of teaching experience to quilting, and is currently offering instruction in coloring quilt techniques and freemotion quilting.
  • Her career as a Learning Specialist enables Coleen to bring her expertise in learning differences, styles and support strategies to the quilting world.  Her students receive direct instruction, modeling and guided practice in new skills presented in a variety of ways.  Do you learn best by seeing, hearing, or doing?  No matter your personal learning style, she will present information so that you come away with useful strategies and techniques.

Class Offerings:

workshop 2

Coloring Quilts – Textile Painting Tips & Techniques

  • Coleen shares her tips and techniques for painting your own mini coloring quilt with textile paints.  She’ll share the techniques she uses on her own #coloringquilts for color blending, paint application, shading and layering.  She’ll also present strategies for dealing with “oopsies” and how to heat set the finished quilt so it can be machine washable.

Freemotion Freedom –

  • Learn how to combine simple quilting motifs into your own personal doodle style and build your confidence and ability to quilt on demand without a plan.
  • Learn thinking strategies to improve impromptu free motion quilting skills
  • Learn muscle memory development activities to improve your free motion quilting skills “overnight”
  • Build your quilting confidence

Trunk Show/Presentations/Talks:

Persuing Passion – How I Found My Happiness and Made Quick Progress as a Professional Quilter

  • Coleen talks about how she combined her passion for quilting with her understanding of the learning process to propel her skill development as a machine quilter to an advanced level in a short amount of time while showcasing quilting she did along the way.  It’s an inspirational and motivational story about the transformational power of goal setting, dedicated time for practice and pursuing your passion.

If you are interested in these classes or would like to schedule Coleen for a Trunk Show/Talk, please email or contact via facebook.