Big Blooming Blossoms

Even though I am in the middle of the Christmas quilting rush, I just had to take a few moments out of my day and show you the photos from a recent finish.  This quilt top was brought to me by Kimberlee Hill.  I just love the fabrics and colors.  I was a little worried when I took the photos of this quilt because it wasn’t the ideal time of day, but when I uploaded the pictures to my computer today and got a look at them, I actually squealed.

Kimberlee wanted a flower border and that really got me thinking about some sort of flower motif in the large pieced hexagons of this quilt.  After much consideration, I decided that this top could pull off some big blooming blossoms, and when I showed some of my sketches to Kimberlee, she liked this version the most.

Isn’t the back just yummy?  I can’t decide whether I like the front or the back the best.

I’m definitely filing this motif away for future use.  It could work well on a smaller scale as well, but just between you and me – I had a ton of fun quilting each one of these BIG BLOOMING BLOSSOMS!


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